ValU Scholarship - Al Hezb El Comedy Academy

Al Hezb El Comedy Academy &
ValU Scholarship Program


Al Hezb El Comedy has teamed with ValU to offer 10 lucky students the opportunity to enroll in the brand new Al Hezb El Comedy Academy with a full scholarship, to learn and become working stand up comedians! The Academy is hosted at The Golden Theatre in Dandy Mall to give students the immersive experience of being on stage.

ValU believes in supporting the youth and investing in their future and is offering this opportunity to them for that reason. Al Hezb El Comedy has been built on the forefront of giving anyone a chance to perform stand up comedy since 2011. For the past decade, they’ve been dedicated to establishing this art form and have succeeded in building a brand that reaches people of all ages that regularly enjoy stand up comedy shows.

If you’re not a student and want to apply to attend classes, enroll now and get a 50% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!


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